Just as every woman should own a “little black dress”, every woman deserves to own a black handbag.

A black handbag is a wardrobe staple, it is multi-functional and versatile.

Most often, the color “black” is misconstrued as a safe option in fashion but frankly, that’s the contrary. Yes, it isn’t selective of other colors but the color “black” is widely perceived as a color denoting minimalism and luxury, a color that makes a subtle statement.

Here’s three reasons why every woman should own a black handbag:

  1. Black is Elegant: Just as we stated earlier, black denotes minimalism and luxury. A black handbag gives you the styling option of being effortless and chic. Minimalist effort, Maximum effect.

  1. Black is a color for all seasons: A black handbag works for all seasons. It isn’t tied to any season and it isn’t limited to any season, it’s one of the reasons it is considered “a safe option” in fashion because you can never go wrong with it. 

  1. Black is versatile: just as black contains all other colors, a black handbag isn’t selective of other colors when pairing them up in a look. A black handbag blends well with other colors and gives them an edge depending on how it’s styled. It is also multi-functional, one black handbag can be styled for a dinner look, a brunch look, a wedding look, a work look, or even a casual look. It gives you limitless options to wear them and serve each look with maximum effect.

It’s important to note that it is not just about owning a “black handbag” owning a quality one is what matters and on that note, here’s three luxury made in Italy black handbags to add to your closet.

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Nancy Akpala September 11, 2022

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