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It's been a while and we've missed you! Earlier this year we spoke about 4 SKINCARE PRACTICES YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF, and now we bring you another vital skincare topic, 3 skincare mistakes (or as we call it “ CARDINAL SINS '') you should never make.

When you hear the word “Cardinal sins” you think biblical and that's precisely the goal! These mistakes are so terrible that's it almost biblical and should never ever be done and must be avoided at all costs!


Wearing Makeup to Bed!

A lot of us have fallen victim to this at some point in our lives, some of us were not into skincare at the time, so all is forgiven but this mistake should not be repeated and must be avoided at all cost.

Do you know what happens when you wear makeup to bed?

It causes ageing prematurely by giving you wrinkles, dry skin and enlarged pores! Wearing makeup overnight traps the dirt you’ve accumulated throughout the day inside your skin.

So no matter how tired you are, don’t ever forget to cleanse off your makeup.

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Using Unclean & Synthetic Skincare Products

Another skincare sin we’ve all been a victim to. We get it! It’s cheap and easily accessible but just because it is doesn’t mean we should be using it on our skin daily.

We are not saying that non-natural skincare products are bad, absolutely not! That would be placing a whole industry in a box. What we are referring to are skincare products that use unclean ingredients that are damaging to our skin health.

Do you know what happens when you use unclean products daily?

~ Rashes

~ Allergic reactions

~ Contact dermatitis

~ Headaches

~ Pre-mature ageing

~ Skin peeling

Most synthetic and unclean skincare products are known to use toxic substances such as Parabens which are often used as preservatives in cosmetic products and have been linked to endocrine disruption, skin irritation, harm to the reproductive system.

Studies have also shown that prolonged exposure to this substance can lead to cancer. Therefore, using unclean products made with toxic substance is an absolute no-no in every biblical sense!


Over Exfoliating without Moisturising appropriately

It’s important to ask questions especially to skincare experts and not just your google search button!

Yes, it’s important to exfoliate but it’s equally important to moisturise as well.

This is one of the biggest mistakes beginners make into their skincare journey and it yields terrible results that ends up discouraging them from continuing their skincare journey.

To exfoliate means to strip or shed oneself of dead skin cells and oils we’ve accumulated over the day (or week). Exfoliating is very important but you also need to remember that too much of everything is bad. The idea is to balance everything out.

For every exfoliating you do, follow suit by moisturizing. Stripping your face of dead skin cells and oil will leave your face feeling dry and dry skin leads to redness, rashes, flaking and inflammation which completely defies the purpose of exfoliating in the first place!

The idea behind exfoliating is to maintain a healthy skin and plump, therefore, to truly achieve this in its full extent, you must moisturize appropriately.

Again, remember that too much of everything will disrupt the balance. It’s important to read the instructions of every product before use or speak to an expert or a representative of said skincare brand to fully understand the procedures of each product.

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Skincare is vast with thousands of brands, traditions and different routines from beginning of time but we absolutely believe that these three sins cuts across all! No matter the type of skincare routine you practice, you must absolutely avoid making these three mistakes.

We know it can be hard sometimes and with lots of fake information out there, it doesn’t make it easier but by taking it one step at a time, you will eventually become a master in this journey.

Now that you know the three skincare sins you should avoid making, share with us which of these you’ve been a victim to ⬇️

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