Summer’s here and it comes with bits of its own adjustments and it is not just the weather but your lifestyle as well.
With each season’s change, you have to adjust what you eat, what you wear and your skincare routine. It can be a little challenging to transition your lifestyle almost immediately to suit a new season, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help make the adjustments easy.

Let’s start with skincare

The weather is changing to become hotter, brighter and harsher, that means constant dehydration, harsh UV ray exposure, sunburn and heat rashes. The first step to adjusting your lifestyle for the summer is updating your skincare routine by adding more hydrating and protective skincare products to your regimen.

Our Brightening Glow Milk helps to protect the skin from harsh UV exposure and treat sunburns, The Body Butter deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin to protect it from water loss, The Superfood Watermelon Brightening Mask aids to boost cell turnovers and collagen production, The Glow Body Oil is another great product for combating dehydration and The Age Defying Eye Gel to hydrate and boost collagen production for the skin around the eyes.

All of these products are a great add to your summer skincare regimen.

Next up - Supplements; take more vitamins and drink lots of water! The sun is hot and losing water and nutrients is inescapable, the best way to combat this, is by staying hydrated at all times and as well replenishing your nutrients consistently.

Replace that which the sun is taking out!

Finally, your choice of outfits.

In summer seasons, a lot of people often opt for loose and free clothing and some others colorful and bright to suit the weather. No matter the choice of clothing, your accessories aren’t far off.

House of Nanz boasts of versatile accessories that suit your summer needs. Ranging from chic bucket bags to hot pink vegan leather classy bags.
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