4 Reasons Why Retinol is Important in Your Skincare Products

With the rise of many beauticians, skin care formulators and skin care products, people are getting more enlightened not just about the importance of skin maintenance but they're also understanding the need for knowing the ingredients of every skincare product they use and its benefits, especially to their skin type and complexion.

What exactly is Retinol and what are its benefits to the skin?

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and one of the most popular vitamins because of its use in the formulation of skincare products as it is able to support graceful aging and has beneficial effects on acne and skin tone.

When present in the layers of the skin, retinol promotes cell turnover and prevents the breakdown of collagen, a protein that promotes skin elasticity.
Most skincare formulators, including Nanzskin, find it an important ingredient for their products as it not only serves as the highest form of Vitamin A, it also has the ability to deeply penetrate skin layers, including the Dermis.

If you’re wondering why you should look out for Retinol as an ingredient in your skincare products during purchase, here are 4;

1. It improves skin appearance.
With visible results from Nanzskin customers, there’s proof that Retinol can reduce acne by increasing cell activeness. Dead skin cells and oil accumulate in the hair follicles on your face, resulting in the formation of acne. In the presence of retinol, these cells are shed and replaced more rapidly.

2. It serves as an anti-aging treatment.
As an anti-aging treatment, Retinol is effective in 3 primary ways. Asides from reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also protects the skin from Ultra Violet ray damage. Our bodies produce collagen, a protein that maintains our skin's smoothness. A reduction in collagen production leads to wrinkles and fine lines because it promotes collagen formation, Retinol aids to minimize the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles. So, wrinkles appear less prominent because the inner skin layer is thicker.
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3. It brightens dull skin.
Did you know? Poor lifestyle habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can cause dull skin.
Environmental pollution can also cause dull skin. Retinol as an ingredient in skincare products act by reducing the production of melanin, a dark pigment in the skin, and encourages the skin's cells to regenerate, resulting in a healthier, more youthful skin.

4. It tones the skin.
In addition to stimulating cell turnover, Retinol also has what is known as an exfoliating impact on the skin. Due to the increased collagen and elastin levels in the skin, dull and dry skin is replaced with new, brighter skin that is more even-tone. It is stronger and more supple, with fewer flaws. Retinol can have radiating effects on the skin.

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