The Importance of Skin Cell Turnover

The human skin, like every other organ in the human system, has a way of rejuvenating itself to keep functioning healthily.

This happens when old skin cells are shed away for new, healthy, and younger skin cells, all over our body including our face, legs, scalps, and the bottom of our feet. This process is what is known as Skin Cell Turnover and it takes an average of 28-40 days for a new skin cell turnover to take place. However, this process begins to slow down as we age because the systems begin to get weak and would need extra help.

Why Our Skin Cells Experience Turn Over

Over time, out of curiosity, people have wondered why skin cell turnover happens or how important it is, the science behind the shedding of old skin cells for new ones and it has been concluded beyond doubt that the importance of skin cell turnover transcends only the human skin trying to rejuvenate itself to function healthily; 

  • It is necessary for skin health 
  • It is necessary for an amazing skin appearance. 

This is because if dead skins are left unremoved from the skin surface, it gives room to bacterial infections, clogged pores, and provides ideal conditions/environments for acne breakouts. 

Moreso, failure to remove dead skin cells can lead to not just a dull but uneven skin complexion. 

What is the Duration of Skin Cell Turnover?

For a younger and middle-aged person, Skin Cell Turnover takes an average of 28-40 days. This is the duration with which a new skin cell turnover and gives way for new skin cells to develop.

Like earlier mentioned; as we age, the process of shedding old skins for new ones begins to slow down. That is, it begins to take more than the average 28-40 days for new skin cells to replace the old ones. At this point, a safe and effective medication could be introduced to increase skin cell turnover. 

Effective Medication to Increase Skin Cell Turnover

One of the most common and recommended medications is exfoliation or the application of specially formulated topical gel or cream that could be applied directly to the skin. These medications often constitute ingredients that can serve as a catalyst to the skin cell turnover process.

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