4 Skincare Practices You Should Be Careful Of

Viral trends come up all over the internet every time, including skincare, and according to the dermatologists community, not all skincare practice trends should be totally embraced as some are riskier and more harmful than they seem.

In past years, we’ve seen different trends rise and in 2022, we’ll see more but do we have to practice all of them?

According to a Forbes-featured dermatologist who’s based in New York, Dhaval Bhanusali, 

“Just because something worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for another. You have to be careful.” and we totally agree because;

  • We all have different skin types
  • We all have different skin textures
  • We all share different climates too.

So, here are 5 skincare practices/trends you should be careful of;

  • DIY Skincare: This is the most long-standing skincare trend. Most people are drawn to creating their own homemade skincare products in a bid to test and see what is best for their skin.  

As much as this may be cost-effective, it is very risky as those concoctions cause more harm than good. Leave skincare products mixing and creation for experts or at least consult with them.

  • Cosmetic Procedure: Cosmetic procedures have become widely available, but not everyone who administers them is qualified to which is why there are now loads of reported complications. 
If you’re looking to get a cosmetic procedure done, it’s always best to see a trusted professional or board-certified dermatologist.
  • The excessive use of Peel-off masks: Dermatologist Holly Hanson warns that Peel-off masks are dangerous and have the ability to damage your skin if you’re not careful. 
The Minesota-based dermatologist says “Oftentimes these masks are abrasive and work by removing the outer layer of the skin,” she told Insider. “There are more effective ways to cleanse the skin without damaging it.”
  • Taking Skincare advice from the internet: Some people have made the internet their therapist and advisor and take just any advice they find on the internet.

Note: Not all internet advice is legitimate.

The skin is a very sensitive organ and so we have to be careful with the different practices we engage in when trying to take care of it.


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